An homage to the ensemble cast of characters of Pirates of the Caribbean – costume-wise an orgy of rags out of pop culture!
Captain Sparrow, Tia Dalma, Davy Jones, the un-deads…

The original inspiration was the old cord and beads tangle that’s now on the hat. It shouted of fisher nets, sea sailing, rags, pirates… later I added piles of fabrics, leather, shiny metals.

For Captain Sparrow the fabrics, the belts, the jar of dirt, the compass, the beads. For Tia Dalma the layers of rags, the lace, the skulls, the voodoo. For Davy Jones I had to learn how to make a kraken of papier mâché and paint it. For the un-deads the voodoo dolls and my pirate crew.

All sewed together with old clothes, old ribbons, fabrics, laces, everyday raw materials…


The Kraken Hat

Contributor: Monica, Ronny

The Sorceress Corset

Contributor: Monica

The Pirate Skirt

Contributor: Monica

The Lace Shirt

Contributor: Monica


Contributor: Monica


Contributor: Monica